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Our school Lazykite School Tarifa, is one of the centers associated with IKO. In addition we guarantee that our courses of kitesurf are imparted in a professional and safe way, since our kitesurf monitors are certified by IKO.

What is IKO

IKO is the most important kitesurfing organization in the world that specializes in teaching kitesurfing. It is based on the promotion of safe practices and the improvement of the highest standards of kitesurfing. IKO strives to achieve pure excellence in the teaching experience by striving for a perfect balance between fun and safety. Read more about IKO.

What is IKO Card

When you take a kiteboarding course with an IKO certified instructor or an IKO affiliated center, such as our school, you receive an IKO membership card showing your skills and level of certification achieved in the kiteboarding course. This IKO Kiteboarding member card is your passport and is recognized worldwide. Having the IKO card is important since some in centers is obligatory to present this card to be able to rent the kitesurfing material or to do more advanced kitesurf courses. Therefore, you should always carry this card with you and register the liability insurance number on it.

How to get the IKO Card

At Lazykite School Tarifa you can get the IKO card by doing our kitesurf courses as our kiteboard monitors are IKO certified and our school is an IKO affiliated center.

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