Lazy Kite School Tarifa

Advanced Kitesurf Course Tarifa

Advanced Kitesurf Course Tarifa

In this Advanced Course you will learn

First Jumps

Get ready to elevate your skills! In this stage, we’ll delve into the exciting world of first jumps. We’ll learn to manipulate the kite precisely in the wind window to generate enough power and take off safely. We’ll also work on the proper board movement to achieve the necessary boost, known as ‘Pop’.


Dive into the world of kite surfing. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to perfect your skills. You’ll learn to navigate with skill using the kite surfboard, refining your technique to perform smooth transitions and glide stylishly over the waves, To-Side, Up wind. Additionally, we’ll take the leap into new challenges as we teach you the basics to execute basic jumps with total safety and control.


In this thrilling kite session, we’ll explore the exhilarating technique of jumps with inversions, including backloops and frontloops, where you’ll experience the rush of changing direction while performing small jumps and spectacular spins. Additionally, we’ll expand your skills by riding toeside and blind, taking your kite mastery to new levels of skill and control.

Kitesurf Courses in Tarifa

Kitesurf Courses Tarifa

At LazyKite Tarifa, we offer a diverse range of kitesurfing course options, customized to meet your needs. Whether you come in a group with family or friends, we arrange group courses to provide you with an economical and cohesive experience.

For couples, parents and children, or close friends, we organize semi-private courses for two people. And if you prefer a more personalized approach, we are happy to offer you private courses tailored specifically to your level and needs.

Your experience is at the forefront of our attention, and we design each course especially to ensure your satisfaction and enjoyment of progress in kitesurfing.

Private Kitesurf Courses in Tarifa

1 Student. 1 Instructor. 1 Kite.

1 Día2 Horas- 140€
2 Días4 Horas- 280€
3 Días6 Horas- 420€
5 Días10 Horas- 700€

Semi-Private Kitesurf Courses in Tarifa

2 Students. 1 Instructor. 1 Kite. (PRICE PER PERSON)

1 Día3 Horas- 110€
2 Días6 Horas- 220€
3 Días9 Horas- 330€
5 Días15 Horas- 550€

Group Courses Kitesurf in Tarifa

4 Students. 1 instructor. 2 Kites (PRICE PER PERSON)

1 Día3 Horas- 70€
2 Días6 Horas- 140€
3 Días9 Horas- 210€
5 Días15 Horas- 350€

Semi-Private Courses Kitesurf in Tarifa 2 KITES

2 Students. 1 Instructor. 2 Kites. (PRICE PER PERSON)

1 Día3 Horas- 135€
2 Días6 Horas- 270€
3 Días9 Horas- 405€
5 Días15 Horas- 675€

Kitesurf Courses by Boat in Tarifa

1/2 Students. 1 instructor. 1/2 Kites (PRICE PER PERSON)

1 Persona1 Hora - 130€
1 Persona2 Horas - 260€
2 Personas2 Horas - 150€
2 Personas3 Horas - 225€

The Kitesurf Courses Include

Get ready for the perfect day on the water! You just need to bring your energy and your smile – we’ll take care of the rest! From the kite, board, wetsuit, life jacket, harness, radio helmet, and good vibes, we provide everything you need to enjoy to the fullest. All the necessary equipment for your courses is included in the price.

Civil Liability and Accident Insurance

Top-Quality Equipment

Certified F.A.V and IKO Instructors

Communicators Student-Teacher via Walkie-Talkie

Rescue Boat

Good vibes

Kite With Us

LazyKite Reviews

A base de 214 reseñas
zafer inan
zafer inan
Tarifa, tarifa, tarifa... It was beautiful... Thanks for everything Alessandro, thanks for your understanding, thanks for teacher Fabio... We will be there 2024 October with hole family... Hospitality 👍👍👍 Equipment 💯💥💥💥💥💥 Location 👍👍👍
Kerem İNAN
Kerem İNAN
All the equipment provided was I'm very good condition and the instructor was also very good
francesco calandri
francesco calandri
Scuola top!!!
Tom Byrne
Tom Byrne
Had a lesson with Manolo , great teacher learned so much in a short time , Alessandro was great with communication and getting booking sorted, kept me in touch with wind forecast etc. Highly recommended and will visit again !
Federico Fabbri
Federico Fabbri
Best kite school in Tarifa! Alessandro and his team are great and will teach you how to kitesurf in complete safety, with new equipment and in a beautiful spot. Also the accommodation that LazyKite offers is in a perfect location, just a few minutes walking and you can reach restaurants, bars, supermarket, shops and beach too. Grazie Ale see you soon!
Enrica Biondani
Enrica Biondani
Consiglio questa scuola a chi ha voglia di divertirsi, gli istruttori sono sempre disponibili e fanno gruppo! La scuola é situata dentro la struttura di un hotel con una super zona chillout e tre piscine affacciata sulla baia di Valdevaqueros!
Cristina Bonnet-Acosta
Cristina Bonnet-Acosta
Great experience! Great spot to learn upwind because there is plenty of space.
Margherita Crippa
Margherita Crippa
Amazing experience and amazing people. Very professional and friendly

Frequently Asked Questions

Kitesurfing lessons typically last between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the course you choose. This time includes both on-land instruction and practice on the water.

Previous experience in water sports is not necessary to take kitesurfing lessons. Our instructors are trained to teach people of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Thanks to the new kite designs, safety systems, and teaching methodologies, children can start at around 7 years old.

It is recommended to bring swimwear, sunscreen, drinking water, and comfortable clothing. All necessary kitesurfing equipment will be provided by the school.

It is very important. We work with Duotone, one of the most prestigious brands in the market. We renew the equipment every year so that our students have state-of-the-art gear and offer them the following advantages:

  • Safety: modern, effective, and easy-to-use safety systems.
  • Stable kites: thanks to their modern designs, the kites are stable and very easy for students to use.
  • Strong and durable materials.
  • Boards with special dimensions for students to facilitate navigation.

We also work with ION, one of the best brands for accessories (wetsuits, vests, harnesses, helmets).

Group courses are typically for family and friend groups who come together. Exceptionally, if students have the same level and speak the same language, it could be possible.

This service is designed for two people booking together. Exceptionally, if students have the same level and speak the same language, it could be possible.

If the weather conditions are not suitable for safely conducting kitesurfing lessons, the school may reschedule the class for another day or provide a full refund.

Our cancellation policy varies depending on the circumstances. Typically, we require at least 24 hours notice to cancel a lesson without penalty.

Like any sport, it has its risks; however, caution and our professional instructors minimize them.

Over the years, with the evolution of equipment, safety systems, and new teaching methodologies, kitesurfing has become an extremely safe sport.


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